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Bricks Available From Masselink and Carlisle Halls

Masselink Hall

Bricks From Masselink and Carlisle Halls Available By Request

Recently, Masselink and Carlisle Halls were torn down to make room for a staging area for the construction of the new University Center on campus, and eventually will become permanent parking to serve the facility.   Constructed in 1955 and 1957 respectively, both halls have been vacant for some time.

Follow this link to learn more about construction projects on campus.

The Ferris History Task Force will be given 1,000 bricks from each hall.  Ferris alumni & friends may request a free brick by contacting MaryKay MacIver  Please include which hall you are requesting a brick from in your email.   NOTE: The bricks will be made available at Homecoming on October 5, 2013.  Also Note: Bricks will not be shipped.  They are pick up only.

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